The Ethos of Colson’s Bar & Grill

The essence of wild and sustainable, Colson’s offers a traditional approach to contemporary British cooking in comfortable and elegant surroundings.

The fishermen drop the days catch at the restaurant in less than 12 hours from landing it at Brixham, and the fish goes from Ocean to Ox in less than 24 hours. We source ingredients from Devon and Cornwall’s bountiful natural larder and coastal line where the land has been foraged on for thousands of years.

Our menu is a celebration of our passion for wild food. Marrying the refinement of century old techniques with the very best local ingredients, we cook over charcoal and wood on our custom made Ox grill creating simple plates of food that are driven by flavour and guided by the season.

The history of the building dates back to 1792 when a widow, Mrs Colson, a milliner, opened a store. An entry in the 1897 Kelly’s directory lists Colson & Company drapers, silk mercers, milliners, costumiers, mantle makers, ladies’ & children’s outfitters, the next chapter in these buildings rich history takes it back to its roots, creating a dining experience to be admired, where comfort and conviviality are key.